is this normal? (answer: no) i’m not referring to the amount of clothes or organization.

i’m referring to the fact that this is my girlfriend, rebecca’s husband’s closet. (did you follow that?)

he is a men’s college basketball coach. and he doesn’t repeat game outfits during the same season. smart man. he knows his labels - lacoste, polo, brooks brothers, cole haan, kenneth cole, vineyard vines, etc. this man knows what he’s doing!

except for organizing his closet. which is where i come in. since the first time we visited their new home in November, he has wanted me to attach his closet. this is where i get giddy with excitement of clothing organization skills. we’re talking about the girl who had her ‘polo shirt collection’ organized by color in college. i spent hours sorting by color and mounting tie racks, color coordinating as i go.

when he came home last night, he was so excited he RAN upstairs to see my work. he was pleased. he said “do i have a problem?” referring to his separate closet of suits. i said “well i can’t really talk, i have a closet which ONLY holds my dresses. and it’s full.”