at first it was just an idea. then it became real as we spent hours, months, planning for an event that would raise money to benefit my uncle who suffered paralysis after a devastating injury while body surfing in Nicaragua this past February.

the day finally came and it was a reality, and not just an idea. it was such a pleasure just seeing the JOY on everyone’s face yesterday. something that reminds me of spending time with my uncle is how much he has always made me laugh. i know that he had a wonderful time and was truly overwhelmed by the number of people who cared enough for him to make it a priority to be there, as well as the generous financial donations of those who were not able to make it. it all meant so much to him and our entire family. i am touched by the outpouring of love that was so evident.

the first photo shows my favorite moment of the night… after my uncle was finished sharing his thoughts as our closing remarks for the evening, everyone in attendance rose to their feet and clapped. and clapped. and clapped. and my heart melted.