leaving…on a LARGE jet plane…

you guys. i leave for GERMANY and SLOVENIA on sunday!! i can’t even believe it. it hasn’t hit me yet. it hasn’t sunk in. i bought this plane ticket last august! it’s finally here!!

i had the best surprise two days ago. my aunt joanne bought me a 2nd plane ticket from Berlin to Slovenia and back to Berlin. i have family in Slovenia i’ve never met! my mom’s side of the family has cousins and aunts and uncles there! my parents were able to go over there two summers ago and had the time of their life and i can’t wait to meet those same extended family members! what a blessing.

am i ready? of course not! i need to get my nails done tomorrow morning and finish packing… the usual.

see you all from the other side of the pond!

super big announcement.

i’m going to GERMANY!!!! it’s official. i bought my ticket. i got an email confirmation. i got the deal of a lifetime on airfare, i’m pretty sure. March 2013, Berlin here i come!

i’m also pretty sure i have a friend who is going to be family for life. and i love that feeling. when i just know that God intentionally placed someone in my life. for a reason. for a purpose. i’m blessed to have Luca as a friend i would count as my younger brother. and his mom as family i haven’t even met yet. when you feel a connection with someone so deep prior to meeting in person. the letters we’ve shared are a gift.

Luca and Momma P, i can’t wait to be your guest. i can’t wait for you to show me your town and your country. i can’t wait to share meals together and laughter. and hugs and stories. your desire for me to come stay with you is something i cherish and i know it won’t be the only time i visit… i pray it will be the first of many.

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