on February 1 of this year, our world changed forever. as a family. from everything i ever knew as a child through now. my uncle suffered a devestating spinal cord injury while body surfing in Nicaragua. he is my only uncle on my dad’s side, his only brother.

he has made leaps and bounds in his recovery and i can see God healing his body day by day. we are so blessed with the progress he has made thus far. and there is hope that it will get better and better with continued grueling physical therapy. he doesn’t quit. he doesn’t give up.

from not being able to move ANYTHING weeks after the accident, he is now able to kick his legs and sit up on his own, holding himself in a sitting position. this is HUGE. he was so excited to show me his “new tricks” last night while celebrating the 4th of July. and we also celebrated miraculous improvements by our Creator. thank you, Jesus.

while our world has changed. some things stay the same. and he is still the same person of quick-witted humor and sarcasm. something i’m always thankful for…

prayer works.

yesterday i got a phone call from my Nanny who had joy in her voice for the first time in weeks, since my uncle’s accident. she told me that my Uncle David had called her (his wife held the phone to his ear) and told her that he was able to get movement in his legs yesterday in physical therapy.


baby steps. i’m sure he can’t kick his legs around like we can, but the fact that he moved something is HUGE. and to be celebrated and rejoice in the miracles God is still performing. keep praying with me…