Two of my favorite gifts my niece received. Frye cowgirl boots and Toms! #frye #tomsshoes

Two of my favorite gifts my niece received. Frye cowgirl boots and Toms! #frye #tomsshoes

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the ‘sometimes i dress like a cowboy’ edition.

on summer evenings, i feel like there is only one choice of what to do. be outside. and sip wine. so what am i doing tonight? i’m going to get clams with my dad and sip wine and then go to my best friend, mary’s house to sip some more. because there is no better place to be than outside when it’s NICE out.

plaid button down - JCrew

boots - Frye

nails - Essie Sew Psyched

clothing twin.

my friend Alexandra is my clothing twin. we have the same taste and style. same size. and even the same shoe size. match made in fashion heaven.

so every once in a while we do some swapping.

i scored big yesterday. i owe her! i gave her a Lilly Pulitzer dress she wanted of mine that i had already worn. and she gave me the following…!

Frye sandals. Lilly Pulitzer pink wedges.

Lilly dress she is done wearing.

Lilly top she got at our favorite consignment shop but she thinks it would fit me better. i have the best friends! and i love doing the same for other people, seeing something that i know “fits someone” and just getting it for them!

thanks, Lex. love you. and i love when we share closets.

a little shoe shopping never hurt anyone.

so when i was in Naples, i went to some consignment shops. my favorite thing to do. ever. (well, one of them.)

so i picked up these Frye sandals for mom at a steal of $18. mom loves them. (daughter of the year award, here.)

and these Jessica Simpson killer heels for summer for me! (yes, they kill to walk in. but hey, they look good! and momma always taught me it hurts to be beautiful.)